Fire Prevention Week – How to Safely Operate a Space Heater

Space Heater Safety in Las Cruces, NM

Space heaters in homes start thousands of fires every year. While they’re much safer than they once were, they still have a heating element that can cause a fire. Here are a few ways to use them safely.

Place Your Space Heater on the Floor

You should always place a space heater on the floor. It should never be placed on a table, chair, workbench, or other furniture. While it is tempting to have it pointed at your body and head, if it falls, it can spark a fire.

Safety Features to Look For

Most modern space heaters have tip-over protection, so they’ll automatically shut off if they’re knocked over. Look for one with overheat protection, which causes it to turn off if its interior gets too hot. Another good safety feature is cool-touch housing, which prevents burns from touching its exterior.

Keep It Away From Water

Electricity and water should never mix. Never place a space heater in a bathroom, kitchen, or other areas where it can get wet.

3-Foot Rule

The rule of thumb for space heaters is to keep them three feet away from walls and anything that is flammable. Examples of things to keep a space heater away from include furniture, pillows, papers, and drapes.

Don’t Leave It Unattended

Only use a space heater in a room you’re occupying. That way, you can react fast if something goes wrong. This is especially important if you have young children. They could get burned from touching it or get electrocuted if they plug the cord into the wall.

Don’t Use a Surge Protector or Extension Cord

Experts say to only plug a space heater directly into a wall outlet. Using a surge protector or extension cord can cause a fire.

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