Heat Pump Service in Las Cruces, NM At Aircon Heating & Cooling Inc., we offer trusted and experienced heat pump repair services in Las Cruces, NM. Your heat pump may not be carrying out its functions as efficiently as before. Not having reliable cooling or heating depending on the season can be very frustrating. Our technicians understand this, and they will arrive promptly once contacted and inspect the heat pump for any issues. If your system is severely damaged, our technicians may recommend a new heat pump installation.

Las Cruces’ Heat Pump Repair

Las Cruces' Heat Pump Repair Your heat pump may display various signs that it’s struggling to function. You may notice that your energy bill has skyrocketed even though your usage has not changed or the airflow is insufficient. Your heat pump may also be producing odd smells. While the heat pump may continue functioning despite some of these issues, we recommend you call for service to avoid further damage. Various reasons such as a low refrigerant charge may be affecting the efficiency of the system and increasing the bill, while a clogged air filter could reduce the heat pump’s airflow. Mold formation could be causing the odd smell, which is a health hazard, or a dead animal could be stuck in your system. Having one of our technicians look at your system can help you avoid costly replacements later.

We also provide heat pump repairs in Hatch, Dona Ana and surrounding areas.

Other signs that your heat pump needs servicing include:

  • Unusual sounds such as screeching and rattling
  • Insufficient heat
  • No recent tune-up
  • An old system

Our heating and cooling techs are at your service for all your heat pump repairs in Las Cruces NM. Your comfort is our priority, so if your system is not functioning, our HVAC technicians will show up promptly to fix the issue. They will inspect your heat pump and give a service recommendation you can trust. If you approve, they will begin their work immediately. We equip our technicians with field-tested tools, and all the parts they use for repairs are durable, allowing your system to withstand difficult situations. Once they complete the repairs, they will service the system to ensure it works.

Trusted Heat Pump Service Company

Trusted Heat Pump Service Company Our company provides residents of Las Cruces with reliable heat pump service. We provide our clients with a large variety of products to choose from, and our experts are always ready to help you customize. Our clients have granted us an outstanding reputation for our dependability and effectiveness in the services we provide. At Aircon Heating & Cooling Inc., we have an A+ rating from BBB, and our technicians are highly experienced. We have served residents of this area for close to 10 years, offering the best heat pump repair services. Our job is not complete until our work is satisfactory to you.

We pride ourselves on serving Las Cruces with trusted and reliable services. Contact us today for heat pump repairs!

In need of a heat pump tune-up or replacement instead? At Aircon Heating & Cooling Inc., we also offer maintenance and heat pump installation services.