Choosing an Efficient Heating System for Your Home

Most Efficient Heating System in Las Cruces

Winter nights in Las Cruces, NM are downright chilly. You’ll need an effective heating system to stay comfortable. Whether you choose a furnace, heat pump, or a combination of these, here are some tips on selecting the most efficient heating system for your home.

Furnace Features

Today’s furnaces have up to a 98% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. This means that 98% of the energy used by the furnace is converted into heat for your home. Look for a furnace with a variable-speed motor and an intermittent pilot. The intermittent pilot doesn’t constantly burn gas, so it reduces energy use.

Heat Pump Options

There are also many energy-efficient heat pumps to consider for your Las Cruces home. Look for an Energy Star-rated heat pump. These models use 30% less energy compared to other models with the same capacity. Heat pumps with variable-speed compressors are a wise choice. They operate at about 30% of their capacity most of the time. To keep your home comfortable, their cycles are longer but fewer in number.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Heat and energy recovery ventilators are also a good choice for efficient home heating systems. These devices pair with your furnace. They capture the heat in flue gases. This heat would otherwise be lost to the outdoors. By capturing the heat and using it to warm the incoming air, these ventilators reduce the total amount of energy it takes to heat your home. They also ensure that your home’s temperature will be more consistent. Be sure to pair your new furnace, heat pump, and energy or heat recovery ventilator with a smart thermostat for additional efficiency.

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