AC Maintenance in Dona Ana, NM
Now that the fall season is here, it’s time for residents in Doña Ana, NM to give their air conditioners a pat on the back for the good job they’ve done with AC maintenance. An AC tune-up will not only help prolong the life of your system, but it will also aid help it stay energy efficient so next year you can avoid spending money on energy that you’re not using.

Maintenance will help relieve some of the wear and tear that your air conditioner has accumulated since a technician performed maintenance last time. It also addresses the minor problems that would turn into larger ones if they were left unchecked. Due to the fact that most of the parts in your system have an effect on each other, keeping all of your parts in good condition is important to the overall productivity of your air conditioner system.

Professional AC Tune-Ups

A significant factor in the necessity of maintenance is how hard your system is working. Very simple issues like a dirty filter will cause your air conditioner to spend more energy in order to cool your home to your liking. When that happens your energy efficiency drops, costing you money. These small issues can accumulate over time and eventually cause a significant shift in efficiency that you can easily avoid with regular checkups.

Another big helper for you is the money you will potentially save by not having extreme repairs on your system. While repairs and even replacement of your system is something that typically comes along with the ownership of an air conditioner system, you can significantly reduce the need for them by tending to the needs of your system when they first arise. While you may not notice a loose part or low refrigerant level, your HVAC technician will, and they’ll take the steps that will allow your system to continue cooling your home without issues piling up.

Carrier AC Unit Maintenance will also contribute to keeping the occupants in your home safe. For example, damaged wiring and congested airways have the potential to lead to fire hazards and other health issues. Having a air conditioning technician fix these problems in their infancy will reduce the likelihood that your system will experience electrical issues like this and others.

Maintenance offers you several benefits.
  • Less dust and other particles in vents
  • Lower chance of humidity
  • Better for those with allergies
  • Healthier air a overall

AC Maintenance in Doña Ana

At Aircon Heating & Cooling Inc., we’ve dedicated over eight years to be a reliable and honest service to our community. We are easily accessible near the corner of Amador Avenue and 17th Street, just east of the Rio Grande river, and we promise to give you our best advice and assistance. So if you feel that your system may need an AC tune-up, call us today.

Has your system seen better days? Allow us to assist you in repairs. Is it time for an upgrade? If your system is passed the 10-year mark, it may be time for a new installation. The winter is just around the corner. We also offer maintenance for your heating systems.