4 Steps to Figure Out How Much Propane Your Furnace Uses Daily

November 19, 2022

Just like when you are shopping for a dependable vehicle, you will want to know ahead of time just how fuel efficient your new furnace will be. If your preferred model uses propane as its fuel source, this will be quite easy to figure out. What you are actually looking for is referred to as the furnace’s “burn rate,” or the value that estimates how long a particular furnace can run on a full tank of propane. This is how you do it: 1. Determine the Furnace’s Rating The rating of a propane furnace is measured in British thermal units, or BTUs, and it should be printed in your owner’s manual or along the side of your unit. The BTU rating is typically compared to the horsepower rating of a vehicle since it really gives us as professionals an idea of just how much strength and stamina your furnace has. It speaks of the total load that the unit is capable of handling when all other propane devices in the household are running at full power. 2. Convert the Rating You then convert the BTU rating of the furnace into gallons and pounds to get the burn rate. After all,...

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