How To Make An Old Home More Energy Efficient

February 5, 2021

If you have an older home and you think you’re stuck paying higher energy bills because there’s nothing you can do to change the situation, think again. You can increase its energy efficiency in a number of ways. Some of these are quick fixes, while others require a large investment in your residence. Seal Your Home Sealing your home can save a lot of money on your energy bills. Closing gaps around windows, exterior doors, and electrical connections can help to keep your conditioned indoor air where it belongs. You can also seal air ducts, pipe inlets, the foundation, and more. Add Insulation A well-insulated home keeps the heat in during the winter and cool air in during the summer. The most effective place to upgrade insulation is in the attic. You should have any gaps or holes sealed in the attic floor before having the insulation installed. Upgrade Your HVAC System An old home likely has an old HVAC system. Modern HVAC systems are far more efficient than older ones, so making this change can save you serious money on your energy bills. For example, upgrading a 30-year-old furnace to a high-efficiency new one could save you hundreds of...

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