Why You Should Start Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

December 20, 2022

Your family will likely spend most of their time inside the home this winter. Poor indoor air quality can impact your overall comfort and health. Maintaining healthy air quality is essential to your HVAC system, ductwork and family‚Äôs wellness. Keep reading to learn more about why your home’s air quality is so important. Alleviates Allergies Poor air quality is often characterized by excessive airborne particulates like dust, dirt and pollen. Constantly breathing in these contaminants can irritate your eyes, nose and throat. You’ll have a hard time breathing comfortably and falling asleep every night. Improving your indoor air quality ensures that loved ones with asthma or pet allergies are comfortable and protected. Lowers Energy Costs Your air filters work to pull pollutants out of the air before they can damage your HVAC system. The more airborne debris in your home, the faster your filters will fill up. More dirt and grime will find their way into your furnace, making it harder for the system to run efficiently. Removing airborne debris keeps your furnace safe and stops particulates from negatively affecting airflow in your ductwork. Protects Against Mold and Pests One significant cause of poor air quality is humidity issues. Once...

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