What You Should Expect With a Comprehensive AC Inspection

March 16, 2023

The last thing you want is your AC system to quit on a sweltering summer day in Las Cruces, NM. A fantastic way to prevent that is by having an annual AC inspection, preferably in the spring. It will ensure the system is free of damage and ready to keep you and your family cool on the hottest days. You may wonder what the inspection will consist of. Our HVAC technicians will check your system for cleanliness, efficiency, and safety. Then, if necessary, we will recommend upgrades and repairs. Safety Is Our Top Priority An annual AC inspection includes ensuring your air conditioning system is clean and free of dirt and debris that could create a hazard. In addition, we will check for carbon monoxide leaks, test all limit and safety controls, and inspect safety devices. We will examine fail-safe and surge protectors as well. Efficient Cooling We will inspect various air conditioning unit parts to give you the most efficient cooling including coolant levels, drip pans, condenser coil, fan blade, and check the blower motor. In addition, we will assess all coils and lines and clean the evaporator coil if necessary. Reviewing Electrical Components Our team’s yearly air conditioner...

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