Should I Get a Heat Pump or Furnace?

January 10, 2022

As a homeowner, you want your home to be comfortable throughout the winter. When deciding how to heat your home, it often comes down to whether you should buy a heat pump or furnace. What’s the difference between the two? What Is a Furnace? Furnaces use a fuel to produce hot air. The fuel is commonly natural gas. There’s a burner that burns the gas, a heat exchanger to transfer the heat, and a blower that distributes it throughout your home. Furnace Positives A furnace will heat your home more quickly than a heat pump. As they’re only used when it’s cold outside, they have longer lifespans than heat pumps. While they need annual maintenance, furnaces don’t need as much maintenance as a heat pump. Furnace Negatives Furnaces are more costly to operate than a heat pump. They also generate carbon monoxide, which could leak into your home if the furnace isn’t properly installed. What Is a Heat Pump? Heat pumps don’t use a fuel to produce heat. Instead, they use electricity to transfer heat between a cool space and a warm one. Unlike a furnace, a heat pump can cool your home in the winter. Heat Pump Positives Heat...

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