Smart Thermostats in Dona Ana, NM At Aircon Heating & Cooling Inc., we’re specialists in smart AC thermostat in Dona Ana, NM. Nowadays, many homeowners are switching over to smart or programmable thermostats to save money and time and keep the house more comfortable. A programmable thermostat is more efficient than older models and comes with various valuable features that increase the comfort of your home by helping lower heating and cooling costs. However, although programmable thermostats contain the latest technology, you may experience some problems with them, such as software glitches due to frequent updates. Fortunately, these issues can be resolved by a smart thermostat troubleshooting expert. Count on us for quick and professional service!

Smart AC Thermostat in Dona Ana

Older HVAC units don’t provide a common (C) wire for smart thermostats. Thermostats are designed to be used with a 24V power supply C wire. However, power-stealing programmable thermostats work with older HVAC models without needing a C wire. These thermostats do so by “stealing” power from your unit’s existing circuits. Essentially, because your HVAC circuits aren’t designed to power anything, your power-stealing smart AC thermostat can cause your HVAC unit to malfunction. Let our technician add a C wire for you to solve the problem.

Software glitches are the other issue that can cause problems with a smart thermostat. This issue happens if the software provided by the manufacturer has a bug or is outdated, or maybe when the thermostat goes offline unexpectedly due to a severe outage. Software glitches may result in your thermostat not being able to set the temperature remotely as advertised. However, you can resolve this problem by having a technician wire in a failsafe thermostat that prevents your failed smart thermostat from wreaking havoc when you’re not around.

Smart AC Thermostat in Dona Ana

Some benefits of a smart thermostat are:
  • Track your energy usage
  • Minimize energy costs
  • Control your thermostat remotely
  • Learn your preferences and adjust accordingly

Contact us if you’re thinking about switching to a smart AC thermostat. We’ll help you find out which thermostat works best for you and is the least likely to cause issues. We’re always here to ensure that your smart thermostat works as advertised and keeps you comfortable in Dona Ana!

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