How Does a Furnace Work?

How Does a Furnace Work?

While you don’t need to understand how every single component of your furnace works, it might be a good idea to learn the basic concepts. With a little bit of knowledge, it will be much easier to catch minor issues in their earliest stages so that they don’t become expensive problems.

Energy Sources

Residential heating systems can be powered by a variety of energy sources, but most modern homes have natural gas furnaces. Some of the other heating sources include heating oil, propane, solar power and electricity from the city’s grid. All of those energy sources have their own pros and cons, but the vast majority of homeowners stick with natural gas systems because they are easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive to run.

The Thermostat and Valve

The thermostat is the brain of the system, and it tells the furnace when to turn on. Once the indoor temperature drops below a certain point, the thermostat will automatically turn the gas valve. That valve lets the gas into the combustion chamber where it can be lit by the pilot light. After the combustion chamber has heated the nearby air, it is going to blow it through the ducts and out of the vents. When the temperature is brought back up, the thermostat turns the valve off.

Maintaining Your Home’s Furnace

Your home’s furnace should continue to work flawlessly for years as long as you properly maintain it. One of the most important maintenance tasks that you must regularly carry out is changing the air filters. If the filters become damaged or clogged, then the entire system must work much harder. Over time, that could lead to extensive damage to the fans or blowers. You also need to have the system professionally serviced and inspected at least twice a year.

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