Changing Air Filters: Simple But Crucial to Your AC

Changing Air Filters

You’ll really appreciate having an air conditioner in your home during those hot summer days that we have in New Mexico. However, it’s important to remember that air conditioners do need regular maintenance. Getting new air filters is a crucial part of that maintenance. Fortunately, they are easy to address.

A Build Up

The AC filter is a quiet workhorse. Every day, it traps some particulates from getting in the interior of the air conditioner itself. As you can imagine, over time this can be quite a bit of material. If you don’t change your filter, dust and other contaminants can get into your cooling system. This can clog and jam the internal parts that actually have to move in order for the AC to work. Fan motors and valves are particularly vulnerable to getting disrupted by debris. As a result, your system will have to work extra hard as it struggles to produce your expected results. You’ll likely notice an increase in your energy bill.

An Easy Fix

If you want to change out your filter independently, the job should be straightforward. You’ll first have to identify where it’s located. This could be near the blower or in the return air ducts. It’s often obvious, covered by a metal panel that’s labeled with the word “Filter.”

Make sure you replace your filter with the same exact size. Filters are usually labeled with their size on the side of the frame. Slide out the old filter and slide in the new one, completing all of the steps in reverse order. If you have any questions, Aircon Heating & Cooling Inc., which serves Broomfield, is just a phone call away. We do installations, repairs, and maintenance for our many local customers.

At Aircon Heating & Cooling Inc., we’d be happy to assist anyone in Las Cruces with changing an air filter. In an area like ours where air conditioners are heavily relied on, we recommend changing filters every three months. We’re a family-owned company that’s accredited with the BBB. Our heating and cooling service is comprehensive, ranging from installations to repairs and maintenance. Call us if you need any assistance.

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